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IMM at TCNJ Senior Show 2020

May 18, 2020 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Quarantine, A Song

Lianna Doley


Quarantine, A Song, is a quirky song that will get stuck in your head. Using iPhones and Adobe Premiere, I mixed together each musician's audio and video!

Development process and tools:


To begin, I worked with a friend to help me come up with a rhythm and set of chords that I wanted in the song and recorded that part. We then used GarageBand to add in the other instruments that were going to be played over the rhythm guitar. After coming up with a song that I liked as well as a tune that went along, it was now time to record the lead guitar part. Having both the rhythm and lead guitar recorded, this allowed for the other musicians to record their parts over top. Once I received each video, their audio was brought into Garageband and synced before editing it with the videos. After that, it was time to construct the entire video. Using Adobe Premiere to line up each video with the overall audio and ensure that they were in sync was a little challenging, however, once they were synced up the rest was video editing from there.

Personal inspiration/interest:

While being in quarantine for some time and rethinking my thesis project, I watched many videos that people had been producing at home for fun. I saw many music videos that were produced and I thought it would be a fun idea to create and write one myself.

How does this play into your professional/creative goals? What do you want to do with this, after this?

I’ve always loved making videos whether they were travel videos from being on vacation, promotional videos for an organization, or something for personal enjoyment. Before we began online classes, I fortunately signed an offer for a full-time position at a digital software company. Although I won’t be creating videos like the one for my thesis, I will continue to make short videos for fun!

How is this work likely to impact the world beyond TCNJ?

My hope for this short and sweet song is that it will put a smile on people’s faces that have been in quarantine.

Biggest challenge/hurdle you overcame and how?

The main challenge that I came across was keeping the videos and audio in sync while editing the project. Determining where the alignment went wrong was a bit difficult at times, given that the audio was all one clip, it was hard to hear each instrument separately again.

How you adapted to COVID situation:

To start off, I completely changed my thesis project due to the lack of materials and supplies I had at home to create my original idea. While thinking of possible projects that I could make at home, I knew it had to be completely computer made with the softwares I have. I wanted my project to be relevant to the current situation we’re all living in, but not have a negative feel when watching. To accomplish this, I decided I wanted to write a corny, upbeat, and funny jingle for quarantine.

Did you collaborate with others? How?

Absolutely! My entire thesis project is a collaboration of talented artists playing their instruments at home to create a song by editing their videos and audio together! To begin this project, my friend and I came up with the tune of the song, the lyrics, and which instruments should be played during which parts. We then recorded the main guitar piece and sent it to the others to record their parts. It took several tries given that everyone was playing their own part by listening to a metronome and another instrument, but by the end it all came together.