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IMM at TCNJ Senior Show 2020

May 18, 2020 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Swap N’ Shop

Angel Nacipucha

Project Site

Creator Bio:

Interactive Multimedia with a Minor in Marketing. I’ve tinkered with different fields such as: coding, video production, digital fabrication

Project Overview:

Swap n’ Shop is a marketplace for The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). It is a website where students can sell, shop, and swap unwanted items. After the end of every school year, many students end up throwing away items they no longer need. While it is a good practice to throw away unwanted items and declutter, some of these items still have value in usability for someone else. We want to create a circle of reusability within the TCNJ community to reduced waste. Coat hangers used pots and pans, or even unopen bag of rice are items that may be of value for someone else. Swap is essentially a borrow-system. Need to use an iron? Want to bake cookies once? Swap allows for such a possibility. The shop is the marketplace of the website. Here students can put items for an item as well as browse through the many item’s others within the TCNJ community may have available. Swap n’ Shop mains to reduce waste and create reusability within the campus community.


Some of the challenges that are present within the development of the project is debugging. There may be insists where a snippet of code would no longer function and one would have to look back and reassess what components of the project has there been affecting the code and what can be done to fix that.

Development Process & Tools:

  • Html Skeleton
  • Image Gathering
  • CSS/Bootstrap Add-on
  • Shopping Cart Add-on
  • Snipcart


  • Bootstrap
  • Html
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • W3Schools

Personal Inspirations:

  • Casey Neistat
  • Michael Reeves


  • Video Production
  • Marketing
  • Coding

How does this play into your professional/creative goals?

After graduation, I want will seeking careers within creative design, business, and marketing. With prior experience, in retail and internships, I’d to be able to collaborate with others in an office environment and bring lots to the table with creative development and product management.

What do you want to do with this, after this?

I want to be able to take this project and use it as a template for future projects. Learning from the process helped me understand many obstacles that can come when being an e-commerce website.

Biggest Challenges/Hurdle overcoming and how I adapted?

When working with code, debugging can be such an “exciting” part of the journey. Imagine having a fully functional piece of code working at the beginning, after adding other features and not saving the code may not work as intended and one would have to spend time on retracing their steps and figure out what line of code is not working at intended. Working on this project and experience from a recent internship, I learned the value in creating versions of project everything you finish working on it for the day. This helped not only make sure I was where I last left on but also helps me look back and old versions I may want to take into the current version. Essentially, folders and version numbers became my best friend in keeping track of where I am and stay organized.

Adapted with COVID?

During this pandemic, my laptop decided to stop working. Getting it checked out was process that ultimately lead me into getting a new one without having the ability to receive any of my flies. Starting from scratch was a nightmare at first, however, once coming up with a plan, I was able to reconstruct my project. Being stuck home, gave me a lot more time to work on my thesis.

Collaborate with others?

I didn’t have a partner working with my thesis; however, I have classmates, and friends provide feedback on my work.