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IMM at TCNJ Senior Show 2020

May 18, 2020 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Shifting Moods

Mistee Branchek

Project Overview

I'm is a music producer, composer, and performer that loves to experiment with and create original music. For my project, I wanted to create a piece that encompasses all of my music influences and styles in a song that can be accessible to and enjoyed by a wide array of people. I did so by using higher quality instruments, experimenting with different types of chords, and making the different segments of the song flow into each other well.

Inspiration and Impact

My music style is inspired by many different forms of music: ambience, rock, orchestral. I also enjoy scoring soundtracks for video games or videos. With this project, I want want to push the boundaries of various genres, introduce new styles of original music, and help the industry progress by doing this. Professionaly, I want to produce music. I would love to compose for video games, movies, or anything else that might need music!

Process and Tools

I composed my piece in FL Studio with virtual instruments, recorded real guitars for it in Reaper by using a combination of microphones to record the signal from my guitar amp, and then also mixed the instruments in Reaper.


When I envisioned my thesis, I wanted to have some nice animated visuals to accompany the music and increase the quality of the experience when listening. Thankfully, I found out that Danielle was planning to have music to go with her visuals, but only had the visuals, so we ended up working together. I sent her the parts to my song as I wrote and finished them, and then we touched it up and pieced it together once all the parts were written.

Biggest Challenges

I had trouble figuring out what exactly what I wanted to do for my thesis. My original thesis was a program that would generate music similar to a certain artist or genre, but halfway through the year I realized I was getting less and less interested in working on it. I re-evaluated what my goals were, and after some brainstorming I decided I just really wanted to compose music.

The biggest aspect of my thesis class I lost due to COVID was the ability to have people listen to my music in person. I ended up sending drafts of my piece to people in my class and other friends online, and asked them what they thought of it.