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IMM at TCNJ Senior Show 2020

May 18, 2020 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Josh Albright

Explores the effect of sound design and music on creating tone

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Joshua Bae

A short documentary tracking the lifestyle and emotions experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic

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Shifting Moods
Mistee Branchek
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Rashid Carter

A collection of original songs that journey through the mind of a man struggling with mental health

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The Void's End
Aaron Chang
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Emma Cheng

A little game about a guy trying to adult

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Freak and The Beast
Caitlyn Connelly

A comedic short featuring handmade, original puppets and both traditional and digital sets

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Web Accessibility Made Easy
Kiernan Dempsey

A series of videos explaining different techniques for making websites easier to use for people with disabilities

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Quarantine, A Song
Lianna Doley

A collaborative song about quarantine

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Break the Burger
Brian Etheridge

A User Experience/User Interface case study that focuses on issues of hidden navigation

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Will Franklin

A website that serves as a tool for digital marketers

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The Identity Multimedia Quilt
Robin Friedman

An interactive tapestry of “patches," each with a unique LGBTQIA+ story

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Chance Gayles

A fresh spin to streetwear fashion through art and manga

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Gosshouse Guitar Pedals
Alec Goss

A retrofitted guitar pedal with LEDs that integrate and interact with Arduino microcontrollers

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Pete Hansinger

A collection of original paintings matched with original songs

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Origin Productions
Kris Hastings

Explores the creation of my own video production company, Origin Productions, and how to start your own business

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Malachy Joyce

A 3D-animated short film about a princess, built entirely in Unity

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Do I Date?
Charlotte Kassler-Taub

A visual novel intended to break down the biases surrounding mental disorders

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Rachel Keyser

A collaborative database on sustainable herbalism and ethical foraging.

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More Knowledge
Kyle Lee (MC Lee)

A rhythmic remixing dealing with overcoming life's challenges

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Kenny Lepping

A system where music visualizers react to electronic drums in real-time

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Caster’s Curse
Lexie Lerman

An instructive dive into the world of esports and casting through the lense of SMITE, a third-person multiplayer battle arena

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Demo Reel
Jarryd Ley

A demo reel featuring original 3D models and animations

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Dream Big, Live Little.
Jamie Ling

Explores sustainable living, tiny homes, and the relationship between both

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sincerely. demos
Alex Lunstead

Demos of original music

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Music Production and Promotion: Cheyenne Dan
Jonah Malvey

A collection of small projects created to promote my band during the recent COVID quarantine

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Marina Marshall

A 3D animation focused on facial expressions

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Relatively Quickly
Chad Mathern

3D game made in Unity, combining classic with modern elements

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Abnormality: Tales of the Overworld
Chris McDowell

An interactive comic book with original story and art, created using Unity3D

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Gold Frames Media
Risha Mody

A multimedia technology company specializing in full service video production

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Marcus Moore

An animation highlighting the uniqueness of people’s perspectives

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Swap 'n' Shop
Angel Nacipucha

An online TCNJ marketplace to sell, shop, and swap unwanted items

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Run Dry
Gianna Pulitano

An immersive installation advocating for the water crisis, featuring a waterfall transformed into both a drinking well and a projection screen

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The Mythology Experience
Tyler Rodriguez

Interact with heroes and villains from Greek, Japanese, Hindu and Norse mythologies.

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Elaine Ruiz

A virtual reality storytelling experience based on true events about intimate partner violence

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Additive Digital Designs
Jake Russin

Blending creative and industrial design through the use of 3D printing

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Beyond the Screen
Colin Snyder

Woodworking meets board games, with this physical, hand crafted tactical RPG

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Smashing the Stronghold
Luke Snyder

A documentary consisting of interviews with some of TCNJ’s most notable Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players and guests

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Lock and Key
Courtney Voorhees

A curious girl and a locked door star in this three-minute 2D animation

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Use It Or Lose It
Natalie Walters

A study in the usability of web design

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Sarah Whitty

A collection of music-driven motion graphics

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Danielle Wietrzychowski

An audiovisual experience that hypnotizes, stimulates, and relaxes the senses

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Museum of the North American Cryptid
Rachel Zook

Preview of a virtual museum showcasing unexplainable creatures like the Mothman and Bigfoot

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