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IMM at TCNJ Senior Show 2020

May 18, 2020 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm

The Void's End

Aaron Chang


My name is Aaron Chang and I am a senior Interative Multimedia major. I currently focus on programming and web design and also have an interest in drawing and writing.

Project Overview

The Void's End tells the story of George, a college student going through his sophomore year. However, he begins to notice that something is amiss. People who should not be still around are suddenly appearing, and words and objects begin to “glitch” out. He then must face a choice to face reality or turn away from it.

Development process and tools

The tools I used were Ren’py to create the framework for the visual novel aspects and Photoshop in order to create and edit the artwork.

Overarching problems and challenges

The biggest challenges while working on my thesis were mostly related to learning new tools that I have not had previous experience in. Although I have had some experience writing and drawing, I had to further expand on these skills during the process. I had to learn how to utilize Ren’py and Python in order to get the effects and feel I wanted the reader to have while they would progress through the story. Trial and error and Google were my best friends during the creation process! Editing drawings in Photoshop was also fairly new to me as I have only drawn on paper beforehand.

Personal interest

I have always loved writing and programming as well, so I figured that a visual novel would be the perfect combination of those interests. Beforehand, I have not written a story with multiple branches/endings so working on this thesis has provided me with an opportunity to work on something I enjoy and expand my skills at the same time. In the future I would like to utilize skills relating to my interests. A visual novel is a good way to display artwork, writing, and programming all at the same time.

How you have adapted to the COVID situation

Personally, I have been fortunate that the current crisis does not affect the digital nature of a visual novel. However, it has made getting feedback on my thesis harder, as doing it in person allows you to focus in on specific parts and questions easier.