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IMM at TCNJ Senior Show 2020

May 18, 2020 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Caster’s Curse

Lexie Lerman


I'm an experienced shoutcaster for SMITE, HiRez Studios’ 3rd person MOBA. Through my love of the game and its community, I've grown as a commentator and has worked with many casting icons to develop my skills. I also have experience working behind the scenes and have produced and streamed several popular tournaments for fans and followers to enjoy. I currently am a caster on the team responsible for the SMITE Minor League, better known as the SMITE Challenger Circuit.

Project Overview

Caster’s Curse explains and details the intricacies of casting through the lense of SMITE. Learn about how to become a caster, and especially how to avoid the curse! Casting seems incredibly daunting and unlearnable to many, but I wanted to give people a positive experience to help them become interested in the process.

Process and Tools

I always work with other people during the cast, as it is almost always a two-man process. Having another person to bounce your ideas back and forth with is incredibly helpful and it creates a natural, entertaining environment for your audience.

  • Find a partner to cast with
  • Use OBS to record the cast
  • Review cast with partner if possible
  • Discuss problems and give feedback


I have always been inspired by the casters of the SMITE community, and many of them have become icons to me. Graham “Hinduman” Hadfield was the original person who truly pushed me to pursue casting, and he has given me the opportunity to cast on the amateur team, giving us the responsibility of the SMITE Minor League. I am forever grateful to have met so many amazing people who have given me the tools to succeed.

Professional Goals

I would love to work full-time at HiRez Studios, even if I would be doing a job other than casting. I am a very flexible and creative person, and SMITE truly is my passion. Any place where I can maintain my place within the community is a place I would be truly happy.

Biggest Challenges

Self confidence and finding my voice were two huge struggles I had to overcome to be a presentable caster. It really took a lot of practice, but I’m so thankful that I had an incredibly dedicated support team to back me up when I needed it most.

Unfortunately, COVID interfered with my ability to be able to cast live from HiRez Studios’ studio with their professional casters. However, I was able to still cast with them during the recent Challenger Circuit event, which was an absolutely amazing time. I gained so much experience, and I really hope I get to cast with them in person sometime!